Suitable Restorations for All Your Dental Needs

Our team provides restorative dentistry in Palos Heights, Illinois, to help correct teeth that have suffered decay, chipping, cracks, or other damage. With our variety of restorative services, you can feel completely cared for and receive the treatment that best fits your needs. Please see the pages below to learn more about the treatment offered at the office of Nils F. Sandstrom, DDS:

We are dedicated to restoring your oral health and function, so that you can have your smile for a lifetime. Without needed dental reparations, your smile is susceptible to advancing decay and disease, as well as increased discomfort and a compromised appearance. In addition, your facial structure and dental function are compromised when teeth that are missing or damaged go untreated. So, whether you need just one tooth repaired or an entire all your teeth replaced, we have the services you require and the care you deserve.

To provide you with such personalized treatment, we will first arrange your smile evaluation with Dr. Nils Sandstrom. During this consultation, you can share your concerns regarding your treatment as well as your goals for your new smile. Based on these, we will provide a customized and effective treatment plan, so you can feel satisfied with your dental care and excited for your results.

Call us at 708-388-2500 today to learn more about restorative dentistry and to schedule your consultation with our talented dentist! We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you into our practice.