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Are you in need of an effective tooth replacement to replace any missing teeth that you may have? In many situations, you may find yourself needing a reliable tooth prosthetic to repair the damage that may have occurred to your smile. By replacing any lost or missing teeth, you can lower your risk for further oral hygiene problems such as new areas for plaque buildup as well as tooth slippage and gum destabilization.

Dental bridges are considered a highly effective prosthetic to repair your smile as they can be anchored onto nearby teeth to ensure they have less chance of moving around. Dental bridges can also restore impairments that may have been caused by missing teeth. Similarly, prosthetics such as dental implants can be applied directly to your jawbone for a highly durable hold that comes with zero food restrictions.

For a detachable set of prosthetic devices, consider the use of dentures. Dentures have come a long way in modern dentistry and can be handcrafted to fit your oral health care needs. However, be aware that dentures need to be taken out to be cleaned nightly.

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