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Have you ever thought about ways to improve your oral health care? Are you aware of the different options at your disposal and what you can do to enhance your teeth and gums? Not only should you be focused on your oral health care in regard to your mouth, but also remember to keep your jaw and face safe.

One of the best methods to prevent dental damage is to always wear appropriate safety equipment. If you are involved with high-risk activities such as contact sports, be sure to wear mouth guards, face masks, helmets or any other objects that can help minimize the damage that you may sustain. Similarly, make sure that any oral appliances you wear are routinely cleaned and sanitized to avoid the risk of contamination.

If you have any oral health risks in regard to your lifestyle habits, you’ll want to remove them immediately. One common example that many individuals fail to think about is through the use of mouth jewelry such as lip or tongue rings. Lip and tongue rings can cause several oral health problems including oral inflammation, infection, dental damage via chipped teeth and permanent nerve damage. Instead of wearing mouth jewelry, always keep your mouth clean and free of any foreign objects.

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