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Are you familiar with tooth hazards that can arise from your diet? If you have not already done so, set forth a tooth hazard prevention plan to limit the effects of harmful substances in your diet. By assessing your diet and all products therein, you can help eliminate any substances that can continue to lead to oral health problems down the road.

Typically, most dental hazards within your diet are the result of acidic products. However, several substances including sugars and starches may not start acidic but can be easily converted into harmful acids that may eat through your tooth enamel. If plaque buildup is present, it can lead to erosion, tooth decay and eventual tooth loss. To help protect your smile, avoid sugary and starchy products including potato chips, sports drinks, fruit juice, soda and candy.

Beyond harmful substances in your diet, be aware of the techniques to use to open products such as bottles. One of the biggest mistakes an individual can make is trying to open anything with their teeth, as your teeth are not designed for any task other than chewing food. In a single moment, you can destroy your smile through tooth hazard risks by using your teeth to open various products.

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