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Are you familiar with the common signs and symptoms associated with oral and throat cancer and what you need to do to help make sure that it is treated in time? Because it is a serious illness that can drastically hinder your oral health, oral cancer must be treated immediately. To help ensure that it can be treated in time, always be on the lookout for early signs and symptoms of its presence.

Due to the severe effects of oral cancer, it is important that as soon as it is found, treatments are applied. However, many individuals fail to monitor their smile for any signs that it may be present. Listed below are common attributes and symptoms associated with oral cancer:

– Irregular markings in your mouth including velvety patches could be a sign of oral and throat cancer.

– Several visual indications such as lumps, bumps or eroded areas in your mouth could be indications of oral and throat cancer.

– Oral and throat cancer is often accompanied by unexplained bleeding or persistent sores that fail to go away after two weeks.

– If you have difficulties using your mouth properly, including for chewing, speaking, or eating, visit your dentist for an oral cancer screening.

– Dramatic weight loss, teeth and dentures that have rotated, chronic sore throat, a change in your voice or the feeling that something is caught in the back your throat are all common symptoms associated with oral cancer.

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