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Your oral health needs saliva to wash away bacteria and food debris that could be lurking in your smile. If dry mouth occurs, try to drink as much water as you can or chew on sugarless gum to keep your saliva protecting your oral health. There are a lot people don’t know about dry mouth and why it is hazardous to your health. That is why, our dentist, Dr. Nils Sandstrom with Nils F. Sandstrom, DDS in Palos Heights, Illinois, is happy to share with you some tips on dry mouth and why it’s always best to avoid it.

Here is some information on dry mouth and how to avoid it:

– Dry mouth is usually caused by medications you may be taking. This is because dry mouth is a known side effect of several medications.

– Several oral health risks can arise due to dry mouth, including gum disease and dental erosion.

– If your mouth is not producing enough saliva due to dry mouth, it can lead to several risks because saliva can help wash away debris and harmful acids capable of damaging your teeth and gums.

– Did you know that dry mouth can cause a sore throat? It can also lead to difficulties eating foods and breathing correctly.

– If you are suffering from dry mouth, it could be due to foods and drinks you are consuming.

Saliva plays a key role in our oral health and keeps it in top-notch shape. If you are struggling with your dry mouth, or if you have questions about your oral health, please call us today at 708-388-2500 to make an appointment. Our dental team is always happy to assist your oral health in the best way possible.