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Poor oral hygiene practices can cause an increase in the presence of plaque acids in your mouth. If it’s not addressed by improvements in your daily brushing and flossing efforts and a routine dental checkup at Nils F. Sandstrom, DDS’s dental offices, the acidic environment in your mouth can start to demineralize your tooth enamel.

If you have noticed an abnormal change in one of your teeth, you need to have it examined by a professionally trained dentist like Dr. Nils Sandstrom. At this appointment he can examine and X-ray the questionable tooth to determine the severity of the tooth decay. Then he can help you understand the most viable mode of treatment needed to repair the tooth and restore its basic function.

If the cavity only affects a single surface of the tooth can often be repaired by installing a dental filling. This treatment strategy involves Dr. Nils Sandstrom numbing the tooth before removing any compromised tooth enamel. This will create a clean healthy surface to adhere the dental filling in place. Then he will apply metallic amalgam or composite resin to fill the healthy void and restore the natural function of the affected tooth.

If you live in the Palos Heights, Illinois, area and you suspect a cavity is developing on one of your teeth, you should call 708-388-2500 to have it examined and treated at Nils F. Sandstrom, DDS’s dental offices.