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If you ever wondered why you cringe every time you eat ice cream or something cold, or even hot? In today’s blog, you will learn about tooth sensitivity and ways to help, so you don’t need to suffer.

There are different reasons why your teeth are sensitive, including:

– A small break in the enamel can occur, due to tooth decay, fractured tooth structure, and worn-away enamel can even be a cause, as well
– Gum disease may also cause sensitivity, since receding gums expose the root and if left untreated, can be covered in plaque and tartar.
– Tooth sensitivity can also be the result of genetics or if you’ve had a lot of dental work done

Once Dr. Nils Sandstrom discovers the culprit behind tooth sensitivity, he can determine the appropriate treatment plan. You can do things at home, with a prescription from the dentist that may contain high levels of sodium fluoride you can use while brushing. You can also purchase toothpaste for sensitive teeth. Using these remedies help put a film on your enamel, so as to protect the dentin, which helps diminish your sensitivity overtime.

At Nils F. Sandstrom, DDS, we also have treatments, such as fluoride that can be applied to help seal tubules, which are microscopic openings in your dentin. The dentist may also use other chemicals that form crystals in these tubules, which also closes off the area from exposure to air. If, however, these remedies don’t work, we may recommend a root canal to rid the sensitivity.

How do you know if your tooth sensitivity needs more aggressive treatment? If you can’t handle certain foods or cold water without wincing, visit our office or call at 708-388-2500. We can do an evaluation and see if there’s an obvious reason why you’re have sensitivity, so contact us today!