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If left untreated, tooth decay can spread to several teeth in your mouth, and further procrastination of professional dental care may result in the loss of multiple teeth. One way to effectively replace these missing teeth and return your mouth’s full function is to receive an implant-supported dental bridge.

First, we may need to extract any tooth remnants from the sockets and treat any risk of infection. If tooth loss has also caused you to experience a significant decrease in bone structure, our dentist may recommend a bone graft before we begin placing the dental implants.

Once all structural concerns have been addressed, we will begin the dental implant restoration process. Placing two implant abutments can typically be performed in just one appointment, with the use of deep sedation. Following treatment, you will still feel some effects of the sedative, so it’s important that you arrange to have someone pick you up at the end of your appointment.

To place the implants, we will create a channel in your mouth to access the underlying bone so that the titanium implants can be secured into place. Titanium is a very biologically safe material that fuses with your jawbone to create a firm anchor.

Once the fusion process is complete, our dentist will attach a standard dental bridge, creating a permanent and natural-looking replacement for the teeth you have lost.

If you have recently lost multiple teeth and would like to learn more about have a dental bridge mounted on dental implants, call 708-388-2500 to review your options with Dr. Nils Sandstrom at Nils F. Sandstrom, DDS.