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Although dental damage can be serious and can cause many oral health ailments, there is often the chance for the damage to be reversed. In many cases, the damage can be reversed, or at worst, the beauty of the tooth can be restored or enhanced.

Not all broken teeth are doomed to the fate of a tooth extraction. Here are some things you should know about tooth restorations to save your smile:

– If your tooth enamel has been cracked, a cavity can form. Fortunately, cavities can be treated with dental fillings, which fill the open area and prevent future damage in the space from occurring.
– Dental crowns are a cosmetic dentistry treatment that works by concealing damaged or broken teeth for a firm hold on all sides of the tooth, down to the gums. Dental crowns can re-establish the look of a tooth and its function. In some cases, it may be possible for a dental crown to save bits of teeth that have been shattered which otherwise would have to be extracted.
– Dental veneers work by attaching to the fronts of teeth for a sturdy hold that is sure to satisfy. With dental veneers, imperfections on your front teeth can be concealed, and the natural look of the teeth can be drastically upgraded as well.
– A fast and effective way to enhance the color of your teeth can be attained with professional in-office whitening kits. With a single tooth whitening treatment from your dentist, the color shade of your teeth can be advanced by nearly ten full shades in a single visit.

Whichever tooth restoration services you feel would best suit your needs, Dr. Nils Sandstrom and our team here at Nils F. Sandstrom, DDS in our dentist office in Palos Heights, Illinois are committed to providing you the service you require. We can be reached at 708-388-2500. Our team is here waiting to help get you the smile you’ve always wanted!