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If you use tobacco products on a regular basis or you enjoy dark beverages, then chances are pretty good that you’ve noticed dental stains on your teeth. Without making significant changes in your lifestyle habits the discolored tooth enamel will likely persist.

A dental bleaching treatment with Dr. Nils Sandstrom can certainly restore your while smile. However, this will only yield temporary results.

Rather than have frequent dental bleaching treatments, you might want to consider having Dr. Nils Sandstrom fit you for dental veneers. These are special shells designed to fit seamlessly over the faces of the teeth in your smile. The special dental porcelain material will not be as receptive to dental stains as natural tooth enamel.

The process of fitting you for dental veneers starts with Dr. Nils Sandstrom examining your teeth. It’s important to assess the volume and health of your tooth enamel. If one of your teeth has been compromised by an old filling, a new cavity, or shallow tooth enamel, we might recommend restoring it with a porcelain crown.

With the assessment complete, Dr. Nils Sandstrom will then create a detailed impression of all the teeth in your smile. This will be sent a dental lab to be used as a guide for the dental technicians tasked with creating your dental veneers.

You’ll need to come back when they are ready. Dr. Nils Sandstrom will then remove a small amount of enamel from the face of each tooth before cementing each dental veneer in place. If you live in the Palos Heights, Illinois, area and you have been struggling with chronic dental staining, you should call 708-388-2500 today to set up a consultation appointment at Nils F. Sandstrom, DDS.