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Although oral cancer is found all around the world, over 40,000 cases are found every year in the US, making it a deadly disease with a high screening rate. If you are unsure if you need an oral cancer screening, always err on the side of caution and have them done. For additional help, here are some of the basic symptoms that are often linked to oral cancer:

– Sometimes, wounds that do not heal swiftly in your head and face could be a sign of oral cancer.
– Keep an eye out for changes within your smile including drastic weight loss, changes in your teeth’s alignment, and issues when speaking or eating.
– Look for visible signs of facial abnormalities, including irregular or abnormal colored and speckled patches, bumps and lumps, and eroded areas with your gums.
– Numbness or abnormal pains within the facial area may be a sign of an underlying disorder.
– Relentless bleeding from your mouth often could be a sign of oral cancer.
– Continuous sore throats and pains in the back of your throat could be signs of something more severe, including signs of oral cancer.

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