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Are you looking to have a tooth extracted? Although many broken and damaged teeth may look unrepairable, there are plenty of dental treatments to save teeth in even the worst condition. However, in the event a tooth cannot be saved, extractions should be performed to ensure the tooth does not lead to serious infections. Listed below are some tooth extraction preparation and planning procedures everyone should follow:

– Always plan ahead for both your treatment care and recovery time. The more prepared you are, the greater the chance for success and diminished recovery time.
– Always follow the instructions your dentist gives you, including proper dosage if medications are to be used during the recovery period.
– Do not smoke 48 hours before or after the extraction surgery.
– To avoid choking, avoid eating or drinking until the anesthesia has worn completely off.
– Do not engage in serious labor or gym workouts while recovering, as this can delay your recovery time and make it more difficult for your mouth to heal.
– If swelling or inflammation occurs, ice packs should be used.

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