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You’ve probably been told that you should brush your teeth twice every day. You may also have heard that you should floss daily. Keeping your teeth clean can help you avoid a number of issues. Still, had you heard that you might be able to do a few things to improve the health of your teeth?

For example, you’ve probably heard that you should brush your teeth twice a day, but did you know that you should also brush for two minutes at a time? You should also brush gently in a circular motion, rather than up and down.

Naturally, you’ll also have to floss your teeth at least once every day, though some people prefer to floss more often. You should also use a clean portion of floss between each tooth. This means you’ll probably need about 18 inches of floss. Finally, you should also clean beneath your gumline with your floss.

Finally, you’ll have to decide whether you should brush or floss first. In reality, both options are fine, but different people have preferences. For instance, brushing after you floss could let you remove more food particles, but brushing first could let you spread fluoride more effectively.

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