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When your children need braces, convincing them it’s in their best interests is often a challenge. After all, kids know braces aren’t all that comfortable, not to mention how much they change one’s appearance.

So if braces are a topic of contention between you and your children, our team at Nils F. Sandstrom, DDS in Palos Heights, Illinois, recommends you take a look at ceramic braces – a great option that can help even the pickiest of children agree to necessary orthodontic treatment.

What are they?

Ceramic braces are a new orthodontic option that eliminates the bulky metal brackets traditionally used in braces. Instead of a wire being attached to a metal bracket, the wires used to straighten teeth are secured to the teeth with a ceramic coating. This ceramic material is tooth-colored and reduces the sight of braces on teeth.

Do they work?

They work just as efficiently as “normal” braces, and are a great option for those who worry that regular braces will alter their appearance too strongly for their liking. Ceramic braces will, however, follow the same timeline as regular braces in terms of how long it takes to straighten your teeth.

If you’re ready to end the discontent and help your kids get the straight smile they deserve, call us today at 708-388-2500 to schedule an appointment to see if ceramic braces are the right solution.